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Why No SAR Training This Year?

We realize the value in using drones for Search & Rescue and for public service. For this fall workshop, our primary focus was commercial endeavors. We realize that many who volunteer for drone SAR are also running commercial (part 107) drone businesses.

That said, our roster and timing for 2019 speakers filled up quickly with those who focus on aerial photo and video, as well as 3D mapping.

Perhaps the next workshop we put together will have a SAR component. We highly recommend, however, even if you are strictly search and rescue or public service, that you register and attend as you might be able to spark interest with other drone pilots who may want to move into SAR using drones.

We do feature a thermography training this time around, so if you need some practice in this area, this might be a good option for you. Register here.

We hope you’ll join us.